Instagrams releases its 2022 priorities

Within a tweet a few days before 2022, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram announced the apps priorities for the coming year. 

Firstly Mosseri details the advancements that Instagram has made this year including the consolidation of video format; user control in regard to sensitive content and the choice to remove like counts from posts as well as many more changes. 

[Image Creds: 9to5Mac

He details how “ This next year is going to be pivotal for Instagram. In addition to our industry-leading safety and wellbeing efforts, we’re focused on these four key priorities” 

Firstly he suggests that there will be an increased attention paid to video content on the app specifically on Reels. As Instagram develops there will be more ways for creators to monetise their work. As well as this the ‘social’ nature of the app will be developed with intention to enhance DMs.


[Image Creds: TheTechTor]

When in comes to safety Mosseri has plans to expand transparency to users allowing them to understand better how the app works, this will also include efforts to make the app more user friendly through adapting controls. 

Lastly Instagram will focus on promoting monetisation for creations to earn a living from the app which ill promote the creation of quality content.

As Instagram fights to keep up with its social media competition it is essential that it keeps up with the trends and ensures positive user experience which means that the implementation of these features is a real step in the right direction.


[Image Creds: BusinessInsider]

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