Facebook Tips for Valentine’s Day Marketing

Struggling to Promote Your Sales on Valentine’s Day? Here’s a Set of Tips on How to Boost Your Performance from the Page Itself

Despite the holiday season being over, another special occasion has already creeped up; with February 14th only a week away, businesses must ensure they can meet Valentine’s Day demands. In order to support them in doing so, social media platforms have offered their help.

One notable platform to put together a set of tips includes Facebook; in order to support sellers for their Facebook Marketplace, they have published a short, 4-page guide on marketing products during this holiday. Although more geared towards independent sellers on the platform, the tips still offer statistical guidance to large organisations who may have been unaware. Additionally, these tips are applicable in other seasons, as long as they are applied appropriately.

[Creds: Lift Engine]

Speaking of statistics, the guide provided an overview of the most common gifts planned for Valentine’s Day. The most planned gifts were sweet treats, with an additional 40% planning on giving a “greetings card”, but hopefully this will fall under the category of “Valentine’s Card”, and not a Christmas one. Additionally, flowers and an evening out were in the top five, with jewellery rounding out the list. 

Additionally, the guide also gave a list of top search items. These included gifts for him, gifts for her, and suspiciously, gifts for “mom”… the less said about that the better. It also appeared many were trying to differentiate their gifts from others, with unique Valentine’s gifts and personalised items also being a top search. However, the search terms alone won’t support sellers, so the following tips were provided for marketers to follow:

  1. Enhance Your Listings” – this means making sure the phrasing used on ads were similar to the ones the target audience would use when searching for gifts, as well as to match them with the top searches. This included adjusting imagery to look appealing.
  2. Promote Your Products” – by this, Facebook was saying put products on sale, and sell off goods from previous festive seasons. 
  3. Advertise your Listings” – in doing so, this increases the amount of people reached and the amount of customers who see the products. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to put discounts on these listings, as consumers are always looking for deals, especially when the images used match their desired outcomes.

[Creds: Method Marketing]

This guide could be exceptionally helpful to people just starting out in the digital marketplace, especially in garnering holiday attention. If marketing properly, the new entrants could potentially open up an avenue of returning customers, even outside the festive season.

With this handy guide out now, businesses should utilise the tips now before next week arrives. Who knows; this could be the opportunity to make someone’s special day even more memorable.

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