Facebook Launches COVID-19 Vaccination Tool

Mark Zuckerberg Announces Facebook’s Plan to Help People Get Vaccinated

Earlier today, Facebook launched a tool to facilitate the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, providing information on where, when and why to get vaccinated.

The tool was born out of a partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital, according to a press release from the social media company earlier today. Currently, it is only available in the U.S., however Facebook plans to launch it to a wider audience when COVID-19 vaccinations become more readily accessible.

This development isn’t limited to Facebook – Instagram and WhatsApp are now also kitted out with this vaccination finder, each working to ensure that this large, but extremely important, process runs smoothly.

Facebook’s tool, available in 71 languages, outlines hours of operation for vaccination locations, along with contact info and links to make an appointments.

A full breakdown of Facebook’s plan looks something like:

  1. Create a tool to connect people to information about where and when to get a COVID-19 vaccine.
  2. Expand their COVID-19 Information Centre to Instagram.
  3. Expand official WhatsApp chatbots on COVID-19 to get people registered for vaccinations with health authorities and governments.
  4. Add labels on posts about COVID-19 vaccines to show additional information from the World Health Organisation.
  5. Make real-time aggregate trends in COVID-19 vaccinations, intent to get vaccinated and reasons for hesitancy available to public officials to inform equitable vaccine rollout.

Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a post, “Today we’re launching a global campaign to help bring 50 million people a step closer to getting Covid-19 vaccines.

“We’ve already connected over 2 billion people to authoritative Covid-19 information,” Zuckerberg continued. “Now that many countries are moving towards vaccinations for all adults, we’re working on tools to make it easier for everyone to get vaccinated as well.

You might be thinking, but Facebook has a reputation as a locus of misinformation, conspiracy theories and falsehoods? It is often seen as a platform that could actually hinder the vaccination process.

Facebook’s goal, however, is clear – with this tool, the platform can become a source of authoritative and extremely valuable information, paving the way for achieving mass immunisation.

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