‘The Social Dilemma’ vs Facebook

Here’s What Facebook Had to Say About Claims Made in the New Netflix Documentary 

At the end of last week Facebook issued an official response to claims made in the new Netflix documentary ‘The Social Dilemma‘, which aims to provide a better understanding of the impacts of social media. 

SocialMediaToday broke down Facebook’s response to each of the issues explored in said documentary.

  • On social media addiction – “[we] prioritize meaningful social interactions”
  • On people as the product – “we don’t sell your information to anyone”
  • On algorithms – ” Portraying algorithms as ‘mad’ may make good fodder for conspiracy documentaries, but the reality is a lot less entertaining”
  • On data usage – “Despite what the film suggests, we have policies that prohibit businesses from sending us sensitive data about people”
  • On polarization – “The overwhelming majority of content that people see on Facebook is not polarizing or even political”
  • On election interference – “the film leaves out what we have done since 2016 to build strong defenses to stop people from using Facebook to interfere in elections”
  • On misinformation – “The idea that we allow misinformation to fester on our platform, or that we somehow benefit from this content, is wrong”

(Image Creds: Netflix)