Facebook Introduces ‘Smart Crop’ Feature

Facebook Rolls Out Creator Studio Option to a Larger Pool of Users

Facebook has just launched a new ‘Smart Crop‘ option for video editing within Creator Studio, which uses object recognition to select key focus elements of videos and creates auto-edits to optimise them.

The option enables creators to automatically generate a 1:1 or 4:5 version of any video clip, using a machine learning system that could save them a lot of time spent manually cropping and editing content.

As explained by Facebook, “Smart Crop will optimise for the main subject in the content, keeping the main subjects centred and in-frame. You will be able to publish this video directly within Creator Studio, and can review the reframed video prior to publishing. You can also compare the reframed version with the original prior to publishing to decide which version you’d like to publish.”

Facebook began a test phase for this option back in March, along with a ‘Smart Preview’ option that, according to Social Media expert Matt Navarra, “uses machine learning to create a short preview of the most engaging parts of your video. This is added to the start of your video to hook viewers in and keep them watching for longer.”

Facebook has now decided to roll out Smart Cropping – the first of these upcoming features – to a larger pool of users. You can find this nifty new option located in the ‘Upload Video’ component of Creator Studio’s post creation flow – go ahead and give it a whirl.

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