Digital Art – Everyday Objects and Popular Brands

Artist Jaime Sánchez Creates Exciting ‘Pop Art’ Pieces, Merging Everyday Objects With Our Favourite Brands

Jaime Sánchez, born in Málaga (Spain) in 1988, is an art director, digital artist and photographer with a ‘Pop Art’ style. His distinctive pieces are colourful manifestations of his “obsession” with both everyday objects and pop-culture brands.

McDonalds and padlocks, KitKat and toothpaste, Lego and toilet roll – Sánchez has merged them all, turning apparently discrete entities into singular, digital forms.

[Image Creds: @jaimesanchezart Instagram]

[Image Creds: @jaimesanchezart Instagram]

Sánchez creates his unique artworks for contemporary galleries, and as editorial campaigns for international brands like Nissan, Happy Socks, Skinnydip London, Lazy Oaf, Yorokobu and Emilio Cavallini.

In 2018 he was selected by the Culture Area of Malaga to exhibit at the Art&Breakfast fair, showing his spaghetti series: spaghetti crammed into household objects and unexpected food packaging.

[Image Creds: Bored Panda]

What’s more, his digital pieces are now available as NFTs on his website:

Consistently finding new and inventive ways to interweave brands with the mundane, it will be interesting to what other crazy concoctions Sánchez has in store.

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