David Beckham Hands Control Of His Instagram To Ukranian Doctor 

The Ex-football Star Announced Recently That He Would Be Handing Over Control Of His Instagram To The Head Of The Regional Perinatal Central In Kharkiv. 

Beckham has amassed over 71 million followers on his platform which will mean that all eyes will be on the work of the medical staff and hopefully can shed light on the situation and the incredible work that medical workers are doing. 

Creds: The Mirror

Since the takeover, Iryna has been sharing a range of content from the second-largest city in Ukraine, including a basement where pregnant women and new mothers were evacuated during the invasion. 

[Creds: Guardian]

Iryna is now working 24/7 to ensure the care of these women. ‘We are probably risking our lives, but we don’t think about it at all,’ she said. ‘We love our work.’ she said within a post.

Beckham has been an ambassador for Unicef since 2005 and has been urging his followers to donate to the charity. The main aim of Unicef at the moment has been to ensure safe conditions for people in Ukraine.

“Thanks to your donations, the oxygen generators they have received are helping newborns survive in appalling conditions,” Beckham said. “Please continue to support these incredible people and charities like UNICEF in any way that you can. Together we can make a difference.”


[Creds: Metro]

The role of celebrities in these matters is important. Firstly the financial power that they have is immense. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher raised over $30 million in donations alongside other celebrities. 

Aside from this financial contribution being able to utilise the platforms that they have is a great way celebrities can contribute. Being able to share information with over 70 million people is great exposure for the cause. Alongside this, the information coming straight from a source in Ukraine means that the information isn’t able to be twisted by news sites.

Through this horrendous situation, the power of social media is essential to shed light on the situation playing out and to encourage support to the nation.

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