TikTok Is Safe… For Now

Court Allows TikTok to Remain Available for Download in the US

As reported on last week’s #socialshort, Trump had “in concept” agreed to an Oracle/TikTok deal. However, while the US Government has given preliminary approval, there’s no official deal in place yet. As a result, TikTok would have been banned in US app stores in light of Trump’s original Executive order had it not been for a new ruling issued by the US District Court in Washington. 

TikTok issued a short statement on the ruling;


(Image Creds: TikTok Comms)

Oracle and Walmart still need to finalise the ownership structure of the new entity. So, right now, TikTok remains unchanged, and continues to be available for US users as normal, which we anticipate will be the case until Oracle and Walmart finalise the ownership structure of the new entity. If the deal falls through, which is still a possibility, TikTok could still face a full ban in the US on November 12th.