Clubhouse Blows Up After Android Launch

Clubhouse Monthly Downloads Surged in June After Expansion to Android

It seems that audio-chat app ‘Clubhouse’ has struck gold with its Android rollout. After months of decline, the app’s downloads – hitting a whopping 7.8 million in June – are on the rise.

This number of downloads, taken from data collected by research firm Sensor tower, is almost double as many as the previous month and at the second-highest level since the app burst into the mainstream at the start of 2021.

[Image Creds: Matt Navarra’s Twitter]

Back in February, when the app was labelled the “breakthrough” app of the year, the app’s downloads reached an all-time high of 9.6 million. The app’s momentum then stalled between March and April, when monthly downloads dropped to less than a million.

The app’s popularity wavered when it began facing fierce competition from other rising audio chat apps, such as Twitter Spaces and Facebook Rooms.

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This expansion to Android has pulled the drowning app above the water, the positive effects having shown just two weeks after the rollout when a million new Android users were reported.

Caught in the increasingly competitive world of audio, Clubhouse is likely to face further challenges moving forward. That being said, these rising figures are a big win for the audio-chat app – could this be the start of its comeback?

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