Add Auto-Captions to Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Tests Transcript Option for Stories

Instagram is currently experimenting with a new ‘Closed Captions’ sticker for Instagram Stories, which generates auto-transcribed captions in a variety of text formats.

This clip, shared by Matt Navarra, exemplifies the process:

  1. You add the Captions sticker to your video clip.
  2. A ‘Transcribing audio…’ message pops up on your screen.
  3. A transcription is added to your video, appearing in time with your speech.

Instagram seems to be testing four different text style options, including typewriter-esque block text, basic block letters and the option to emphasise words using larger font.

The tool might be a winner for brands and creators – they can reach a wider audience, avoid any lost information from sound-on/sound-off confusion, plus they have the added benefit of visually emphasising words that might drive sales or draw users in.

This option has been a long time coming – Instagram has been developing the option since at least August last year, according to Mobile Developer and “leaker,” Alessandro Paluzzi:

This feature is currently in test mode, only available to a selection of creators. Stay tuned though, as Instagram will likely roll it out to the general public soon.

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