A Potential Partnership: XBOX, Spotify and McDonald’s

Video Games, Music and Food – A Dangerously Inviting Combination

Microsoft recently posted a cryptic Tweet hinting at a potential collaboration with Spotify and McDonald’s – arguably an unexpected trio.

The Tweet is styled as an email to Xbox (owned by Microsoft) and McDonald’s, with the popular music streaming service Spotify CC’ed in.

The subject of the Tweet is “Checking in” and the mock-up email is mysteriously signed off with “Person who runs the Microsoft account.” What does this all mean? Currently, no one can be quite sure, but it indicates that something is brewing behind closed doors.

The official Xbox Twitter account responded to this Tweet, again enigmatically, with the line “Seems like the right crew for a road trip.” It’s true that a concoction of food, music and video games does sound pretty inviting.

[Image Creds: Twitter]

Then, Xbox Game Pass got involved with a jokingly salty reply, “oh I see how it is,” perhaps signalling its upset at being “left out” of the upcoming partnership.

[Image Creds: Twitter]

Microsoft has a reputation of posting enigmatic Tweets as an indicator of future collaborations and events, so it is likely that this post is yet another example.

What’s more, Microsoft and Spotify already have some history: the companies partnered in the past with the release of Xbox Game Pass; Xbox partnered with Spotify to offer 6 months free trial of Spotify upon upgrading to Xbox Ultimate.

And how will McDonald’s be involved? McDonald’s recently partnered with Pokemon to release exclusive 25th anniversary cards in Happy Meals. This collaboration was a hit, as was its partnership with mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Mixing gaming with food is not entirely new territory for the fast food giant.

The three companies have certainly left a lot open to speculation – it will be interesting to see if, how and when this powerful trio will materialise.

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